Success Stories

Garden Villa is happy to introduce Mr. and Mrs. Diaz. The Diaz’s have been married for 65 years, They have overcome many obstacles and have had many struggles. Mr. and Mrs. Diaz are originally from Cuba. They decided to leave Cuba in 1983 to come to the U.S. with their children. It was very hard leaving everything they worked hard for behind. Mr. Diaz wanted a better life for his family. Mrs. Diaz has been at Garden Villa since November 2013 and she is a long term patient. Mr. Diaz came to Garden Villa for short term therapy with tears in his eyes. He tells how hard his life has been, and the love he has for his wife. With successful therapy Mr. Diaz had since returned home but he visits Mrs. Diaz everyday. He said “I don’t know how long we have here on earth, I will love my wife and family forever.”

– Mr. and Mrs. Diaz

We at Garden Villa Healthcare would like to thank Mr. Washington for choosing our facility for his rehabilitation needs. When Mr. Washington arrived he was very weak and required a lot of care. With hard work and determination Mr. Washington and with the help of our therapist made significant progress. Mr. Washington stated he enjoyed working with the therapist and the rest of the staff at Garden Villa. The progress he made which allowed Mr. Washington to return home to his family!

– Mr. Washington

I arrived at Garden Villa on May 12th, 2016, I can’t express the warmth and kindness I felt upon arrival. When I arrived I wasn’t in the best of shape, and in a lot of pain. All of my questions were answered, and everything was explained to my husband and I and that was very helpful.

Everyone was so nice and treated me with respect; my husband said Garden Villa was spoiling me and reminded me the reason why I was there, and that was to get strong. All the therapist were wonderful to me, I appreciate the kindness that I received daily to make sure everything was going well.

I live in Francitias, TX, and I could have chosen a facility much closer to home, but Garden Villa had an excellent rating and that’s why I chose them. I was asked if I ever needed therapy again, would I return and I definitely would. Again, I would like to thank Garden Villa for making me feel at home.

– Mrs. Castillo